Welcome to Popcorn Friday, Where the Poppabilities Are Endless!

by Stacey McClellan on October 12, 2017

Nestled in the hills of south central Texas, in Spring Branch, is Popcorn Friday. It’s the sort of place you visit after a day spent at the soccer field, a place you go to on a Friday evening before going home for family movie night, or a place to stop and grab a quick snack.  Whatever the occasion, Popcorn Friday is a place destined to become a hallmark of your moments of nostalgia.

Hi!  I’m Priscilla Schrubb, and my husband, Dan, and I established Popcorn Friday two years ago in 2015, when Dan retired from the Marine Corps. Texas is now our home and a place with a long history of people starting anew and making their dreams a reality, and Popcorn Friday is the realization of a dream for us.  It’s a unique shop where, much like in an ice cream shop, you’ll find an entire variety of flavors…of popcorn!  And who doesn’t love popcorn?

Our popcorn is popped and made fresh daily, and I don’t mean in a microwave, and we’ve got over 30 flavors to choose from! There’s the sweet and candied, the savory, and the spicy.  Pick your favorite, or better yet, pick as many as you want!  For traditionalists, there’s always Theater Butter or Buttery White Cheddar, and for those with a more adventurous savory palate, there’s the Chicken and Waffles.  And if you’re one of those individuals that wants popcorn for dessert, there’s Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel or Praline’s and Cream. Whatever your taste buds want, Popcorn Friday can satisfy.


Whether you’re visiting Texas on vacation or just looking to get out of the city and take a drive through the Texas Hill Country, stop by our store.  And if you want to satisfy your popcorn craving without leaving the comfort of your living room, visit our online store   We’ve got something for you!  After all, the Poppabilities Are Endless!

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by Susie Guido on October 13, 2017

Wonderful popcorn. Best I have ever eaten


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