The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List

by Bold Commerce on November 24, 2017

It’s the busiest time of year!  Every year, like Santa Claus, or a very busy mother, you make shopping lists for everyone in your life, but the pressure mounts.  Between with trying to remember everyone and deciding what to get each person, the stress starts to build.  And let’s not forget the endless events and parties that happen this time of year.  Let Popcorn Friday help you out with gifts for everyone and every special occasion this season, from gifts for family and friends to your children’s teachers and classroom parties.  Edible gifts don’t always have to be fruit baskets, mixed nuts, or fruitcake.  Go with popcorn!  At Popcorn Friday, it is made and sealed fresh and will be perfect throughout the holiday season.  People will love it.  With our wide variety, you have so many options!  Seriously, our popcorn is the perfect gift.  I did mention that, right?  Get your orders in early to avoid any shipping delays!  

And in an effort to get you started, I’ve created a guide to help inspire you to gift-giving greatness, so let’s get started!


Jalapeno Ranch

(C’mon, it’s chocolate, it’s caramel, it’s perfect)

Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel


White Chocolate Pretzel


Chicken & Waffles


Pumpkin Spice Latte


Buffalo Ranch

The In-Laws
(Whatever you do, do not forget the in-laws.  It’ll be an awkward holiday if you do.)

Buttery White Cheddar  

Mrs. Miller,  The Teacher
(But put it in a cute box and add a gift card, because she works hard!)

White Chocolate Oreo

White Elephant
(A mix of cheddar and caramel popcorns, and I swear this is not a prank flavor.  It’s so amazing and tasty!)

Chicago Style

Hostess Gifts

Sparkling Pomegranate

The Pastor and His Wife

Mexican Hot Chocolate

The Block Party Potluck

Sea Salt Caramel

The Office Party

Spicy Queso

Your Kid’s Bestie

Cotton Candy

Classroom Party

Elf Munch

Your Boss, Mr. Stevens
(Do not forget the bossman.)

Butter Beer

Aunt Martha
(Because Aunt Martha needs a little spice in her life.)

Red Hot Cinnamon

Uncle Jack
(Because at his age, he’s a little salty.)

Salt & Vinegar

Cousin Jimmy

Frito Pie

Former Roommate Carol
(Because let’s face it, even though college is over, every time she posts a picture, she’s at some college game or alumni event)

Aggie Mix

The Mailman
(Have you seen how busy the post office is this time of year?  This man needs more bacon! Bacon Popcorn, that is.)

Bacon Mac & Cheese

The Bus Driver

Gingerbread Cookies

The Neighbors

Birthday Cake

Sunday School Teacher

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows


Apple Pie a la Mode

Santa Claus
(Let’s be honest, he’s going to get enough cookies.  Be different!  Leave him some popcorn!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Stocking Stuffers

Snack size Elf Munch


Everyone’s list of recipients varies, but I hope I’ve listed enough to get your started.  We’ve got flavors everyone will enjoy, and I do mean everyone, including my bestie’s extremely picky daughter.  The poppabilities, as we say, are endless!  All you have to do is stop into the store, give us a call, or go online to place your order!  We’ll pop it, mix it, box it, decorate it, and ship it!  All you have to do is send us your order.  Just click here and get  the jump on your holiday shopping.  Merry Christmas and have a Poppin’ Shoppin’ season!


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