Popcorn Friday Presents: Popcorn for Breakfast

by Priscilla Schrubb on December 06, 2021

Popcorn Friday Presents...Popcorn for Breakfast


Ever have popcorn for breakfast? The colonials did!

Throughout its history popcorn has been used in a variety of ways in America. One of the first records of it was from early French explorers. While in the Great Lakes area,  they reported that Iroquois Indians made popcorn in clay vessels using heated sand. They then used the popcorn in soups and other dishes.

It is believed that the English colonists were introduced to popcorn at the first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621. According to the theory, it was brought in a deerskin bag by a Native American named Quadequina. The treat was a huge hit and became a part of the pilgrim's new way of life in the Americas.

Native Americans often brought it as a sign of goodwill during peace negotiations. This is interesting considering many tribes believed that popcorn’s act of popping was the result of an angry spirit leaving each kernel. The belief was that content spirits lived in each kernel, but when their homes were heated they became angry.  This caused the kernels to shake and eventually pop when the spirit burst out in a puff of steam.

The discarded home of an angry spirit seems like an odd thing to bring to a peace negotiation but to each their own. We’re sure they had their reasons.

Colonists had many names for what we now call popcorn—popped corn, parching corn, and rice corn. They popped it using simple poppers made of thin cylindrical sheets of iron revolving in front of their fire. It actually resembled a sort of animal cage.

Eventually, colonial housewives began serving it with sugar and cream for breakfast, essentially creating the first “puffed” cereal. Talk about using what you have creatively! 

We found this quite inspiring and gave some thought to what popcorn lovers like us might like for breakfast. How about a bowl of Elf Munch?

You’re sure to make Buddy the Elf proud when you start your day with such a deliciously balanced meal. After all, with maple, marshmallows, and white chocolate, Elf Munch has 2 or 4 of your “main” food groups covered. (Working the candy cane and candy corn in will be up to you.) You’ll even find some Fruity Pebbles included for a true cereal experience. 

If Cocoa Krispies is more your speed, we bet a bowl of Cocoa & Marshmallows will be absolutely delightful with some cold milk. (And guess what? It’s still elf approved!)  

These flavors are only here for the Christmas season, so be sure to get your breakfast popcorn today!

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