Pop Into Summer with these 14 Fun Activities!

by Priscilla Schrubb on May 29, 2022

Summer Break is Here!

This time of the year is for fun and family, and we’ve got some fantastic ideas for how to make the most of your summer! Whether your family is the outdoorsy type or prefers to keep close to home, we’ve got some summer fun for you. 

Let’s start with those indoor ideas! These are for our popcorn fanatics that like to have fun while staying cool (and sunburn free!) 


Break Out Your Family’s Favorite Movies, and Host a Movie Marathon

Let everyone pick their favorite movie (even the little guys) and get the marathon started! Pile up on the snacks and don’t forget the popcorn

Paint Your Own Rock Garden

Grab your art supplies and some river rocks and get busy painting fun, creative ornaments to add to your garden, keep as pets, or give away. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to hiding your painted rocks and waiting for them to be found!

Create a Summer Mural

Hang up a long sheet of paper in a hallway or the garage and encourage everyone to add their designs to it throughout the summer. Whether it’s just doodles to pass the time or details of your summer adventures, the mural is a fun work of art for the whole family!

Build a Fort

Nothing says summer like fort building! Get creative with extra sheets and pillows to build the ultimate comfy spot in the house. Add in all your favorite snacks (Dill Pickle popcorn anyone?), a good book or two, and maybe even your go-to movies! If you can fit the TV in! 

Plan a Living Room Campout

Want all the fun of camping without all of the hassle? Grab the sleeping bags and camp out in the living room! Take turns telling stories and roast marshmallows over the stove for s’mores.

DIY New Popsicle Flavors

There’s nothing better to cool down with than a good popsicle. Try mixing up new flavors at home using what you have on hand. You can even find fun molds online! Hmmmm… can we make popcorn popsicles?  Now, THAT would be a summer treat right up our alley! 

Finish Up Summer Homework Early

We know, it’s not exactly the most fun but getting summer homework finished up sooner rather than later means more fun all summer long!


Rather get outside? Try these fun ways to explore new parts of your town and get in touch with nature!


Go Star Gazing

Take a small road trip outside of town to leave the lights behind. Take turns finding different constellations, and see if you can find any planets!

Go On a Family Hike

Hit the trails at the Guadalupe River State Park for a great way to spend time with the family! With 13 miles of hiking and biking trails, there’s plenty of space to get outside and explore. Just make sure to pack the sandwiches and sunblock before you get out there! Add some of our Caramel Nut popcorn to your trail mix for a fun way to add some pop to your day!

Take the Arts and Crafts Outside

Use finger paints mixed with shaving cream for a fun sensory experience. The world is your canvas. Paint on a glass door or the sidewalk with your new homemade paints!

Go Cloud Watching

Grab the sunscreen and a comfy blanket and lay out on the grass. Create a list of all the shapes you see or see who can identify the most clouds correctly (stratus, cumulus…)! Bet you’ll even find a cloud or two that look like a piece of popcorn!

Play Flashlight Tag

Hide and seek gets a fun upgrade with this one! Hiders find their hiding spot and the seeker uses a flashlight to find them. Try not to get caught in the beam of light!

Take a Coin Flip Road Trip

Hop in the car and decide how many turns you’re going to take. Take out a coin and each time you come to a turn, flip a coin to decide which direction you’re going to turn. Get out and explore!

Press Flowers 

Pick flowers while you’re out on a hike or playing at the park. Place the dry flowers between two pages of a book and set something heavy on top, let the flowers dry out and soon you’ll have a perfectly preserved flower.


No matter how you spend your summer vacation, we’re always ready to come along. Popcorn Friday popcorn is the perfect snack for all of your summer adventures! 


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