McKay Day! Pop In For Awareness

by Stacey McClellan on February 22, 2018

Did you know that February 28th is Rare Disease Day?  It is- and Popcorn Friday is celebrating by donating 25% of their sales on Wednesday, February 28th in honor of McKay! McKay is one of our Popcorn Friday family members and he was diagnosed with Hypophosphatasia, a rare disease, that affects his ability to absorb phosphate and, in turn, his bone growth.

What makes a disease rare? A rare disease, also known as an Orphan Disease, is any disorder that affects a small percentage of the population.  They usually don’t get as much attention, whether from the public or from scientists and researchers.  However, those afflicted and their families have a common struggle.  

McKay loves popcorn and we love McKay, so this year we invite all of our popcorn fans to help us raise awareness.  On McKay Day, we will donate 25% of our sales to Soft Bones, the national organization that represents Hypophosphatasia and is the main organization to fund research for a cure.  On McKay Day, Pop in for Awareness and meet him and make a purchase.  If you are unable to stop by,  pop by our online store here and use the code MCKAY DAY, and 25% of our profits will be donated.  

To learn more about Soft Bones or if you’d like to make a donation directly to this wonderful charity, you can do so by visiting

Helping McKay and other awesome people just like him is the best birthday gift you can give to Popcorn Friday this month.  From our Popcorn Family to you--Happy McKay Day and God Bless!

by Anissa on February 21, 2019

I just so happened to have popped in on McKay day and had the most delightful time! I had no idea about McKay’s disease but thank you for the information. I never would have imagined that was his story with the huge smile he had on his face during my visit. I’m surely glad I came Ina and glad that 25% of the proceeds went to a great cause!

by Deborah Fowler on February 21, 2019

Thank you so much for all your support! We are excited for McKay Day!

by Chris, Tori, Olivia &Presley Smith on February 21, 2019

We will definitely be there to support you, McKay! Your are going great things! Keep up the good work.


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