13 Popcorn-Worthy Halloween Movies

by Priscilla Schrubb on October 21, 2021

What’s better than curling up on the couch with a big tin of popcorn and watching a classic Halloween movie this time of year?  In our opinion, NOTHING!

We’re so obsessed with Halloween movies we even created a popcorn blend based on one of our favorites—Hocus Pocus!  Check out our 13 popcorn-worthy Halloween movie recommendations. From fun for the whole family to the scariest horror flicks out there, there’s something for everyone.


Classic Horror Films

Be sure you have your popcorn ready before you start these scary movies. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you grab a 1-gallon tin of your favorite fall blend. You won’t want to venture back into the pantry alone for refills once you start them.

1. Halloween

Obviously, Halloween had to be on this list!  Michael Meyers may be one of the all-time creepiest villains, and this hair-raising film still gives us the creeps.

2. Psycho

Another classic our list wouldn’t be complete without—Psycho.  Norman Bates is a man only mommy could love.  (And perhaps she should ease up a little!)

3. The Exorcist

You’ll be glad the kids aren’t sharing your popcorn tin while you watch this classic flick about a possessed 12-year-old girl.

4. It

Few authors have the flair for horror that Stephen King does, and that becomes apparent in It.  The mere memory of Pennywise will have you thinking twice about catching the clown act at the circus.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

You might want a cup of coffee to go with your popcorn for this one.  No one wants Freddy Kruger popping up in their dreams.

Spooky Fun for (Almost) Everyone

These Halloween movies are a tiny bit spooky and a lot of fun.  Enjoy them with all but the tiniest family members.

6. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetl…. DON’T DO IT!  Even the biggest Micheal Keaton fans don’t need this supernatural character hanging around their house.

7. Practical Magic

Sister witches, eccentric aunts, and one heck of a love spell makes Practical Magic an all-time favorite.  (As long as you don’t mind a dead boyfriend or two hanging around.)

8. Coraline

Be careful what you wish for.  Things often aren’t as grand as they seem.  A lesson Coraline learns the hard way.

9. Ghostbusters

Who ya’ gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! With a few scary ghosts and a lot of laughs, everyone is sure to enjoy watching this ghost-busting team save Manhattan.


Kid-Friendly Popcorn-Munching Movies

We’ve reserved the cutest family-friendly Halloween films for this category.  If they’re old enough for the classic movie snack (popcorn, obviously), they’re old enough to enjoy these adorable movies with the family.

10. Halloweentown

This popcorn-worthy Halloween classic is so popular that the town it was filmed in, St. Helens, OR, transforms itself back into Halloweentown every year.  Visitors to the Spirit of Halloween Town enjoy haunted houses, costume contests, and more starting in mid-September.

11. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Maybe it’s a movie, maybe it’s a TV show, but it’s an absolute Halloween must for the little ones. And after a year away, it’s coming back to public television.  So, make sure you’ve got your favorite popcorn blend ready to go for tomorrow, October 24th at 6:30 pm CT because it will be airing on PBS.

12. Hocus Pocus

It’s a little green Bavarian cream, orange cream, and purple blueberry. Wait…that’s our Hocus Pocus popcorn blend, not Hocus Pocus the movie.  Oh well, you’re sure to love them both!

13. Casper

When you move into an old mansion, you expect it to come with a few ghosts.  But Casper, the friendly ghost, might not be what you had in mind.

We hope you enjoy these Halloween classics as much as we do! Whether you choose gory horror flicks or family-friendly films, it’s a great way to enjoy the season. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

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by Robin Ann Coon on November 08, 2021

Great list! Thank you! We will be in to buy some delicious popcorn Friday popcorn!!


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