The Popcorn Friday Fall Five Faves!

by Stacey McClellan on October 20, 2017

Colorful leaves, cool evenings and warm afternoons, and pumpkin spice…everything.  That’s fall in a nutshell.  It’s usually a short season in Texas, but to be fair, once Halloween arrives, it seems the rest just flies by.  Have you heard the line about Hallothanksmas?  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just blur together, don’t they?  As a busy family of five, we get it.  You’ve got to take it one day, one season, and one holiday at a time.  It’s October, and that means it’s time for the little ones to dress up as their favorite super hero (Captain America, am I right?) or their favorite Disney Princess (I’m partial to Belle), and for the teens to, well, they might throw on a different hoodie or pair of leggings and try to pass it off as a costume, and go trick or treating.

They’ll hit the neighborhood in droves, bringing home the same old M&Ms, mini Snickers, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, you get the idea.   Here at Popcorn Friday, we want to present you with some alternate poppabilities.   What if, instead of candy, you got an assortment of snack size popcorn?   Flavorful popcorn is a perfect choice for those wanting to break the mold.

But what do you choose? We have over 30 absolutely delicious flavors, and so many of them are year round.  However, there are some that are a hit year round and some that are seasonal.  Seasonal?  Yes, seasonal.  Get it while you can.  They are amazing and they fly out of the store.   That got me thinking, and I decided to put together a Top 5 Fall Flavors list for you.  Are you ready?  Let’s do it!

#5—Frito Pie

I recently had a friend grab some of this for her son, who not only loves popcorn but also loves Frito Pie.  She told me he devoured it on the car ride home. This popcorn isn’t just a snack.  It’s practically a meal.  Once upon a time, we had two popcorn flavors in the shop, chili and sour cream, but neither one was doing very well on their own.  So, one evening, while doing what a mother does, working in the kitchen on dinner, I was making Frito Pie.  All of a sudden—BAM!  It just crystallized for me.  What if we took popcorn and added the chili, cheese, sour cream and onion all together and tossed Fritos in with it?  Oh yes!  It’s incredible.

#4—Sparkling Pomegranate

Sometimes the best things happen by chance.  This flavor is the result of one such occasion.  I ordered this “fizzy” flavor from our distributor by accident and had no idea what to do with it.  As I was walking through the grocery store one day I passed through the produce section, and the pomegranates caught my eye, and I thought to myself, “Self, what if you took that fizzy flavor and added it with some pomegranates?”  Self thought we should definitely try it.  I really didn’t know how well it would go over, but it paired together better than I could have dreamed, and our customers agreed!  It’s a sort of a fruity non-alcoholic bubbly taste, and people love it.

#3—Boo Mix

Do I really need to expound on what makes this great for the fall, or more specifically, that quickly approaching Halloween holiday?  I know, right?  This is perfect!  This popcorn wasn’t just a play on flavors, but a play on color, too.  We took a green Bavarian Cream, a purple Blueberry, and an orange Cake Batter, threw them in a mixer and out popped BOO Mix!  Kids will love this for the colors alone, but the flavors, oh wow, the flavors combine to create a wonderful blueberry cake with Bavarian cream filling taste that will make you forget you aren’t actually eating cake.

#2—Caramel Apple

I should just stop right here.  This just makes sense for fall, right?  While we’ve got a wonderful Apple Pie popcorn and a Caramel popcorn, we decided to mix it up a bit, throw in some magic, and before we knew it, Caramel Apple was born.  It’s a combination of sour green apple and caramel.  It tastes just like a Charms lollipop.  I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite fall candy, and now it’s a popcorn!

And finally…


#1—Salted Dark Chocolate

While this isn’t just a fall favorite, but our all-time top selling flavor, it had to make the list.   We do our best to keep this flavor in stock, but there are days it sells faster than we can make it.  It’s caramel popcorn drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with sea salt. In the beginning, customers would buy small snack size bags, but they’d come back, and before you know it, they were buying this flavor in our largest serving size, the 26-cup family size.   It’s sinful.  One of my best friends is completely addicted.  I’m her enabler.  Hey, it’s what friends do, and I’m a great friend.
With so much to do and so much going on during the fall, let us help you get ready for classroom and neighborhood parties, after-game snacks, and especially with the time-honored tradition of trick or treating with something that’s not only different from the usual candy options, but sure to be a hit. Don’t worry about waiting until October 31st.  Our popcorn is made and sealed fresh and will be ready for Halloween night.  Come into Popcorn Friday or go online to our store and place your order today!

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