Popcorn Is Love

by Stacey McClellan on February 09, 2018

Cupid is pulling back his bow, waiting to strike!  Will you be ready?

Every year people rush to the stores to buy up the chocolates and roses to give to their love.  What if you decided to do something a little different?  That’s what Popcorn Friday is all about this Valentine’s Day.  Think outside the chocolate box and get those you love something different to go with their roses.  

We've got some delicious Cupid-inspired popcorn flavors to help you celebrate, and what better way to start than with a popcorn designed and named for the cherub-faced, arrow wielding dude aiming to strike love into your heart?


Cupid’s Crunch

You can not go wrong with this mixture of cherry, strawberry, and cheesecake flavored popcorn.  It’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!



Red Hot Cinnamon

What better way to spice up your Valentine’s Day date night than with a gift of Red Hot Cinnamon popcorn?  The flavor is in the name.  It’s not too tame, it’s not too hot, and just like Goldilocks said about the porridge...it’s just right!



Strawberry Milkshake

It’s difficult to give ice cream as a gift because it will certainly melt if we shipped it to you, so instead we’ve concocted this wonderfully flavorful popcorn.  I mean, there is no way you won’t impress your crush with this strawberry and bavarian cream flavored popcorn that’s drizzled with white chocolate.  I bet your mouth is watering just thinking about it!



Black Tie

For the traditionalists in the crowd, we have this amazing popcorn that melds caramel flavored popcorn with drizzled milk chocolate and white chocolate.  And if you’re feeling as fancy as the name, serve it up in a champagne glass!  Cheers!



Whatever your fancy this Valentine’s Day, Popcorn Friday has you covered!  And if you’d like to save a little time, we’ll even create you the perfect gift basket.  

Stop by our store located north of San Antonio in Spring Branch, Texas or order online by clicking here.   The staff at Popcorn Friday wishes you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine’s Day.


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by Pay Peters on February 11, 2018

At Popcorn Friday their popcorn rocks! As they said, think outside the chocolate box this Valentines Day❣️ You and your sweetheart will be glad you did. I support local businesses


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