Hop In, Pop In for Super Bowl LII

by Stacey McClellan on January 28, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday.  That great American tradition of gathering around a super-sized television with  your nearest and dearest to root for your favorite team (or just who you think will win) and watch some of the best commercials to be aired all year.  

And of course, this celebrated occasion is accompanied with a wide array of food.  In honor of this tradition, Popcorn Friday is rolling out some flavors to help you celebrate the gridiron battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots in the NFL’s Super Bowl LII (that’s 52 for those, like me, that aren’t up on their Roman numerals).

Philadelphia Eagles

Representing the NFC, the Eagles were established in Philly in 1933, and have competed in the Super Bowl twice, but have yet to claim victory.  This year, the Eagles entered the playoffs with a 13-3 win/loss record, securing the #1 seed in the playoffs; however, football fans and commentators alike questioned their ability to go all the way.  With their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, injured halfway through the regular season, the Eagles have battled their way to the Big Game with backup quarterback, Nick Foles, at the helm and Coach Doug Pederson leading the way.  The Eagles are touted to be the underdogs this year, but will they prove the naysayers wrong?

Show your support for the Philadelphia Eagles by purchasing Popcorn Friday’s Big Game Philadelphia Popcorn!  This cake-flavored candy popcorn colored in green and white is sure to be a big hit!


New England Patriots

Representing the AFC, the New England Patriots were an original member of the American Football League, and joined the NFL during the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970.  Their home stadium, located in Foxborough, MA, is located halfway between Boston, MA and Providence, RI, making them the recognized team representing New England.  The Patriots have competed in 9 Super Bowl Championships, and have won five, all of those with Tom Brady as the starting quarterback, who now holds the record for quarterback with the Most Super Bowl wins.  The Patriots ended the regular season this year with a 13-3 win/loss record, securing their #1 seed spot in the playoffs; however, unlike their counterparts, the Eagles, the Patriots have been favored to not only make it to the championship game, but they are favored to win.  If they win Super Bowl LII, the Patriots will tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for Most Super Bowl wins in the NFL.

Show your support for the Patriots by serving our Big Game New England popcorn at your Super Bowl party!  This fabulously flavored popcorn is a rich combination of raspberry, cherry, and vanilla, and will leave your guests without any doubt as to who you are rooting for!

Let Popcorn Friday help make your Super Bowl celebration colorful, flavorful, and as always, unforgettable.  You can buy one or, even better, both of these amazing flavors by clicking here or stopping by our store anytime before Super Bowl Sunday.  And no matter who you root for, Popcorn Friday is always here to help you show your team spirit!  Go Cowboys!  (Hey, there’s always next year!)


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