Fall Means Football and Football Means Game-Day Snacks

by Priscilla Schrubb on September 23, 2021


Fall is quickly approaching and, here in Cowboy country, that means one thing! NFL football is BACK! So, grab your game-day snacks!

We were on the edge of our seats recently while the Cowboys took on the Buccaneers and couldn’t believe it when Tampa Bay emerged victorious. We’d call it a real nail-biter, but we were nervously munching on popcorn instead.

And even without a Dallas win, we are still so excited that NFL football is back!
Now, everyone knows there’s no better way to spend game day, than indulging in your favorite game-day snacks!  And game-day snack traditions are as varied as our popcorn flavors, but a few stand out as classic favorites!


Everyone loves wings on game day. Try this recipe from Alton Brown—Game Day Wings. It’s almost as good as our Buffalo Ranch blend!


Who doesn’t love a tiny, portable, delicious sandwich you can just pop in your mouth between downs?  Sliders come in all sorts of varieties, but we are pretty fond of these Chicken & Waffle sliders from Food, Folks, and Fun. (Of course, if you’ve been to our store, you know that we love chicken and waffles. After all, we created the Chicken & Waffles popcorn blend!)


When the game is too exciting to sit down and eat a plate of food, cheese dip is the perfect snackable answer! This Game-Day Cheese Dip is so poppable you might mistake it for our Cheddar Cheese popcorn.


No game day snack menu is complete without something sweet and indulgent.  Whether you’re celebrating or eating your feelings at the end of the game, that sweet tooth must be satisfied. And we can think of no better game-day dessert than making Football Popcorn Balls!  But don’t worry, if these chocolatey marshmallowy footballs require a little more time and effort than you have, you can always order some of our SMores delight to keep on hand instead. 

So, no matter who you're rooting for this NFL season (GO COWBOYS!) we hope it’s full of fun, excitement, and (tons of) YUMMY SNACKS!

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by Amber Welch on October 21, 2021

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