Back-to-School…Popcorn Math Class Is in Session!

by Priscilla Schrubb on August 26, 2021

Back-to-school season is here, and moms and dads all over the country are working overtime trying to get their kids ready for school. When it comes to school lunches, we have the perfect solution for sweet and savory treats—plus they make the best after-school snacks!

Popcorn Friday is all straight As when it comes to perfecting popcorn. In this blog article, we’ve compiled some fun back-to-school lessons that incorporate our favorite back-to-school snack: popcorn!


Popcorn Math…It’s Fun, Easy, and Delicious!

We’ve been crunching numbers here at the Popcorn Friday kitchen because...

Subscription box company, San Antonio in a Box ordered 150 snack bags of Pralines and Cream popcorn.

How many cups of popcorn do we need? Let’s break it down together.

Each snack bag contains 3 cups of popcorn.

150 popcorn snack bags x 3 cups of popcorn each = 450 cups of popcorn! WOAH.

There are about 200 cups of popcorn in one batch, which means we have to pop 2.25 batches.

450 cups of popcorn / 200 cups of popcorn per batch = 2.25.

To fulfill this order of popcorn snack bags, we have to round up to a whole number though.

So now we know we have to make 3 batches of Pralines and Cream Popcorn to fulfill this order.

Pretty cool, huh? Now that’s how you apply math to real-world situations.

Another way to make math fun for kids is to use pieces of popcorn as “counters” to visually count out groups of 1s and 10s. Once your child is done with their popcorn math, they get to enjoy the sweet rewards. This is a great way to gamify math with a snack that kids love and incentivize them to do their homework.


Practice Your Popcorn Words

Popcorn words? That’s right; popcorn words are also called sight words.

Sight words are common words that your child’s school expects them to recognize instantly without having to read them because they pop up often while reading.

Words like the, it, and and appear in reading and writing so frequently that beginning readers get to the point where they don’t have to try to sound the words out—they recognize them by sight.

Here are some common popcorn words that you can practice with your child to get them ready for school.

  • the
  • of
  • and
  • a
  • to
  • in
  • is
  • you
  • that
  • it
  • was
  • for
  • but
  • what
  • were
  • can
  • they
A fun game to play with these popcorn words is to count out the number of letters that make up a common sight word and have your child try and guess the mystery word. For example, three pieces of popcorn in a row could be the word the, and, was, can, you, she, her, etc. See how many popcorn words your child can come up with that match the number of pieces of popcorn. Every time your child answers correctly, they get a crunchy popcorn treat!

We hope you liked these fun back-to-school activities to get your kids engaged and excited about school.

Still hunting for the best back-to-school supplies? Don’t forget to add our delicious popcorn snack bags to your list. And send along a little treat for the teach too!
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by Allison Craig on September 23, 2021

We love the popcorn math! Falls right inline with where we are in life with our kiddos – and boy to we love the the popcorn y’all make! Thank you again for being such awesome vendors to San Antonio in a Box!


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