8 Rom-Coms to Treat Your Sweetheart With for Valentine’s Day

by Priscilla Schrubb on February 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to snuggle in and binge your favorite rom-coms with your special someone! Nothing is better than your favorite person, a cheesy movie, and most importantly—the BEST snacks!

We’ve put together a list of our very favorite Valentine’s Day movies for you to enjoy.  We’ve even taken the guesswork out of the snack equation by giving you the perfect flavor to pair each rom-com with. 

Palm Springs - (2020)

While Andy Samberg may not seem like the leading love type, he shines as the love interest in this fresh take on rom-coms (and Groundhog’s Day!) Now if we got stuck in a time loop we’d definitely bring along our White Chocolate Pretzel mix to pass the time!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before - (2018)

Sweet (and streaming on Netflix) this movie takes us back to the school yard with high school crushes and plenty of heart! It’s as sweet as our Strawberry Milkshake popcorn, and it’s sure to have you and your Valentine experiencing all the feels.

Crazy Rich Asians -  (2018)

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be swept off your feet by the perfect prince? What if you had been, and you didn’t even know it? Well, that’s the story behind Crazy Rich Asians.  We love this modern twist on the classic Cinderella story! Pair it with our Black Tie popcorn, and your movie night will be dressed for the ball!

Crazy, Stupid, Love - (2011)

Two words: Ryan. Gosling. The only thing that will have your heart fluttering more than this star studded flick is our Cupid’s Crunch popcorn. Crazy, Stupid, Love and Cupid’s Crunch come together to for the perfect balance of comedy, love, and fruity flavors. It’s everything you need for the perfect night in!

Music and Lyrics - (2007)

Okay, let’s be honest. Writing a song with HUGH GRANT? How does one not end up head over heels in love? Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant are almost as perfect together in Music and Lyrics as the peanut butter and chocolate drizzle on our Chocolate Peanut Butter popcorn.

13 Going on 30 - (2004)

Thirty, flirty, and thriving. . . Jenna and Mattie keep us young at heart, just like our White Chocolate Oreo popcorn.  This classic flick will have you learning the Thriller dance just in case your next company party needs saving. Just don’t forget the snacks to keep you going while you and your sweetheart practice for your big moment!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding - (2002)

We all have crazy family members!  But not all of our crazy families are as lovable as the Portokalos family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Throw in a fiery character like Toula to root for, and you have all the makings of a classic Valentine’s flick!   Pairing Toula’s fiery spirit with our Red Hot Cinnamon popcorn is a no-brainer. Why? Because they both have a sweet heat that melts our heart!

Clueless - (1995)

The 90’s are back in style. So how better to celebrate than with this perfect retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma? This classic is a little sweet, a little salty, and a lot of fun. That’s why we like to pair it with Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel popcorn. This perfect decadent treat will have you and your Valentine rollin’ with the homies in no time!

No matter what you’re watching this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect flavors to snack on while you’re snuggled in on the couch!  And since, YOU, our amazing customers are our favorite Valentines, we want to make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter!  So we’re giving you the gift of savings! Use the secret code LOVEISSHARING for 50% off of your online order now through February 21st! (We recommend using it to grab our Valentine’s Day Sampler!  It includes all of the sweet movie treats we mentioned.)


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